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jml Training and Consultancy recognise that people are different

jml Training provides customised training, coaching and consultancy for clients in the UK and around the world. jml Training consultants will work with you to identify the best solution for your organisations' s needs. The jmlTraining approach involves interactive and challenging workshops which respond to the participants' individual development and preferred learning styles. Most important of all, the training is focused on the practical application of new skills and understanding back in the workplace.

interpersonal skills The best managers and staff members are those with a high level of interpersonal skills and well developed Emotional Intelligence. It is not enough to have good technical knowledge or a high IQ alone. Through training and coaching, jmlTraining consultants help clients and participants to discover what works for them individually. They can then build their competence, confidence and ability to succeed.

structured coaching jmlTraining offers a structured one to one coaching programme to support the development of high performing managers and executives. Coaching gives all the benefits of individual attention, feedback and support. This process focuses on the key issues for each individual client. This makes the best use of their valuable time.

health & safety programme jml Training can introduce you to Health and Safety specialists for the UK. who have a comprehensive Health & Safety programme to help you and your organisation deal with this vital area of management. They recognise that every client is different and has different needs and priorities. Their aim is to help you develop an appropriate Health & Safety culture, systems and procedures tailored to suit your needs. This will minimise the risk to your staff and the business.

management development In today's fast changing world managers are constantly asked to take on new and challenging roles. Understanding the demands this makes on themselves, their team and their organisation is a crucial first step for a manager. The next step is to develop the skills they need to address these issues. jml Training courses and business coaching provide them with the solutions they need for success.

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